17 Super Clever Toy Storage Ideas For A Living Room

Parents that aren’t fortunate enough to have a playroom in their home often find themselves sharing the living room with their children’s toys.

17 Clever Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room

In fact, even when we do have space in the house for toys, we usually see the living room being invaded by the little ones as they play.

If you’ve experienced this before (let’s face it, we all have), you’ll know exactly how fast total chaos can erupt.

Before we know it, we can’t walk around the living room without stumbling over misplaced toys. 

Luckily, there are solutions, and today we want to share them with you. In this post, we will show you 17 clever ideas you can use to neatly organize and store away your child’s toys.

These ideas will let you keep things tidy and organized without stopping your child from playing. If this sounds like something that could be helpful to you, be sure to check out the list!

1. Use A TV Sideboard Or Console

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The first idea on our list is a super easy solution that you may already be able to make use of.

Using a credenza, or storage cabinet that your TV sits atop of, is a great place to store your child’s toys. 

Not only does it save space around the rest of the living room, but it also adds to the room’s aesthetic appearance.

Even better, this is something you might have already been considering putting in your home. You may even have one already.

2. Storage Baskets

INDRESSME XXXLarge Cotton Rope Basket 21.7' x 21.7' x 13.8' Woven Baby Laundry Blanket Basket Toy Basket with Handle Storage Comforter Cushions Thread Laundry Hamper

Storage baskets are a cheap and convenient way to solve your problem when it comes to keeping the number of toys in the living room under control.

Whether it be a large wicker basket or a softer fabric bag-like basket, placing one or two baskets around the room will make your life easier.

Your child will also be able to access their toys easily.

3. Rotate The Toys Your Child Plays With

If you don’t want to spend any money solving the problem, you could simply reduce how many toys your kid has out in the living room.

By splitting the toys into groups, you can make sure your child only has a set amount of toys out at once. 

You can rotate the group of toys regularly so that they can play with them all. This may not solve the problem completely, but it will reduce the number of toys in the living room.

4. Use An Ottoman

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The next idea on the list is to use an ottoman. This extremely versatile piece of furniture is perfect for storing toys and other items out of sight.

Aside from comfortably storing most of your child’s toys, an ottoman doubles up as an extra seat. They also add another element of beauty to any living room.

You can also purchase ottomans in the form of footrests and coffee tables.

5. Buy A Storage Bench

Amazon Basics Upholstered Storage Ottoman and Entryway Bench, 35.5 Inches Wide, Beige

Similar to an ottoman, a storage bench is another good option. Another very versatile piece of furniture, a storage bench can be used to organize your child’s toys before also being used as an extra place to sit when you have visitors.

6. Bookcase

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Children’s toys can also be easily stored away in a bookcase. While most bookcases will work well, the best option will be one that has a small cupboard on the front.

The reason for this is simple. By having a cupboard built-in to the bookcase, you can hide the toys away completely, making the room look even tidier. 

However, bookcases with no enclosed cupboards might be easier to use if you also have some storage cubes to place on the shelves.

7. Utilize Your Coat Closet

You’ll be surprised by the number of people that don’t use their coat closet. Instead, a lot of people choose to use their mudroom.

If you’re not using your coat closet on a regular basis, why not get some toy bins and use the closet as a convenient place for your child to store their toys.

8. Buy A Bookshelf

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A stylish bookshelf can add to your living room’s decor and give you a convenient place to store your children’s toys.

Not too dissimilar to a bookcase, a bookshelf with enough space to hold a storage box can come in even handier. If it has small cupboards, even better.

9. Toy Bins

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There isn’t too much to say about this idea other than that it can make your life so much easier. Toy bins usually come with plenty of space to store all of your child’s toys.

While some toy bins can be designed to fit perfectly in the living room, others are quite big and may need storage in a closet.

10. Cube Shelves

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Setting up a variety of cube shelves in your living room gives your child a dedicated toy storage space that will also fit in nicely with the rest of your decor. To ensure toys are out of sight, consider also buying some tote storage bags.

11. Rolling Carts

SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty 3-Tier Metal Utility Rolling Cart, Turquoise

Rolling carts may not be the prettiest of storage solutions, but they are certainly one of the easiest.

Using a rolling cart allows you and your child to organize the toys into different collections, making it easier for your child to then find what they want instead of emptying out every toy. 

The beauty of the cart is that you can then roll them out of sight if need be.

12. Create Your Own Toy Hamper

If you’re feeling creative, why not make your own storage solution by creating your very own toy hamper.

You could convert a laundry hamper into a rolling unit that is capable of holding all your child’s living room toys.

The great thing about this idea is that you can design the unit to suit your living room. 

13. Crates

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Another very practical and quite stylish way to solve your toy storage problems is to buy a set of crates.

You can then fill the crate with different types of toys, again making it easier for your child to find certain toys if and when they need them.

Storing books, games, and other essential items is possible.

14. Use A Trunk

happimess HPM9002B Elijah 30' Wicker Storage Trunk, Collapsible for flat storage, Rattan-Kubusoft Gray, Coastal for Office, Dorm Room-LivingRoom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Natural

Possibly our favorite toy storage idea on this list is to use a trunk to keep your child’s toys organized.

Personally, we prefer wicker trunks as we like what they bring to the room. However, any type of trunk you like is absolutely fine as long as it has plenty of space for you to store toys.

15. Buy A Toy Organizer

ROCKPOINT Kid‘s origanizer 12 Bins Espresso/Primary Toy Storage Organizer (HX2020-7)

The fact the next idea is called a toy organizer would suggest it is perfect for the job.

In all honesty, toy organizers are a little too big for most living rooms, but if you have enough space in your house, they are arguably one of the best options for your child. 

They can effortlessly grab their toys and keep all of their things in one place.

16. Tote Bags

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If your child doesn’t have too many toys, there’s no reason why you can’t simply get them quirky, colorful tote bags.

While tote bags aren’t very big, they are perfect for organizing small toys. They also take up very little space in the living room.

17. Install A Window Seat

Crosley Furniture CF6017-WH Fremont Entryway Bench with Storage, Distressed White

For the last idea on our list, you will need more space and a lot of creativity.

To really maximize the space in your living room, you could contemplate adding a window seat with some storage space.

You could add storage baskets or even add totes underneath where your child can organize their toys.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of ideas you can use to store your child’s toys in the living room. As you can see from the list, there are an array of great options to choose from.

Whether you need to use an idea that adds to the living room’s decor or simply keeps the toys organized, there is something on our list for you. 

Now you have the 17 ideas we love the most, why not take a closer look and decide which one you want to try? You’ll be able to move freely around your living room again in no time.