The 10 Trendiest Baby Names Right Now

There are going to be some big names on the docket this year. Here are our predictions for the top boys and girl’s baby names of the year.

Here are our picks for the trendiest baby names of this year. Spoiler alert: they’re getting classy. 


This isn’t an attempt to popularize this writer’s name, PROMISE. But thanks to the Royal Baby-to-be, traditional English names are making their comeback in droves. Which explains . . .


No, there isn’t a princess or queen named Betty – yet. But “Betty” is short for Elizabeth, which not only piggybacks on the traditional trend but the retro flair outlined by the likes of Lily Allen and her daughters, Marnie and Ethel. 


The number one searched name last year according to, you can’t help but think this is both a tribute to the pop culture phenomenon (read: Twilight), and to this year’s vintage influence.


The popular names of decades past are finally making a comeback, and giving a baby who can grow into her name is the perfect way to set the bar high. Or to pay homage to the Downton Abbey era. 


Considering The Great Gatsby is going to be one of the year’s biggest movies, one of the book’s lead names is bound to show up more than once this year, especially since – like the rest of the names – it defines “timeless.” Well, either that or babies will just be named “Carey Mulligan.”


No, you’re not reading incorrectly: Bertie is among one of the top-searched male names for babies born this year, so if you needed further convincing of vintage influence, you have here the only argument you need.


Does anyone remember Road To Avonlea? Apparently so, since Gus is another “top” name for the year, proving that it won’t only be girls who will be given names once deemed old-fashioned. The moral of the story is? There’s nothing wrong with staying classic. 


A name that’s been sticking around for the past few years, “Jacob” maintains its place in the “top names of . . .” lineup, with no signs of slowing down this year. The best part: it obviously has nothing to do with Twilight at all.


Last names for first names are a big trend this year, with this tribute to the famous president reigning supreme over others. The runner-up? “Grant.” Which, arguably, falls perfectly in step with the “older English names” trend we’re seeing big time. 


Blame it on (or thank?) Max Greenfield of New Girl, but has pegged Max as a favorite of this year. Well, anyone who loves Schmidt as much as we do love Schmidt could have told you that.