Unisex Baby Names Perfect For Boys & Girls

We’ve picked our favorite unisex names, perfect for a little boy or a little girl

We all know someone who was a little taken aback when Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their daughter James because typically, James is a male name.

Similarly, Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard named their daughter Lincoln. It seems like giving girls boy names is a Hollywood trend.

“As usual, baby names are reflecting a larger cultural shift,” says Linda Murray, global Editor-in-Chief for BabyCenter.

“Millennials are an open-minded and accepting group, and they don’t want their children to feel pressured to conform to stereotypes that might be restrictive. Just as companies have started making more neutral kids’ clothes and taking ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ labels off toys, an increasing number of parents are choosing unisex names.”

To help you stay trendy, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite unisex baby names for your future son or daughter.


Meaning both “fair-haired” and “dark”, this old English name works for blond or brunette, girl or boy. While typically used for boys, Blake gained popularity with girls when Blake Lively hit the screen in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. It’s one of the more popular unisex names which continues to rise in the ranks.


An Irish name that means “brave in battle”, Casey is associated as a friendly, happy name and because it was originally a surname, it works well for both boys and girls. Notable Caseys include Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck’s younger brother, and Casey Reindhart, who got her start on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.


This name was initially a pet name for Charles and Charlotte but has gained its own reputation as a unisex name. Meaning “free man”, Charlie is an English name that remains very popular in England. Famous Charlies include Charlie Chaplin or Charlie Sheen.


A Native American name that means “friendly one”, Dakota works well for both boys and girls and statistics show that it’s used equally for both genders. Actresses Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson give the name a feminine feel, while young actor Dakota Goyo shows that the name has a masculine vibe. 


For boys, Jesse stands as its own name meaning “gift” and has a Hebrew origin. For girls, Jesse is usually seen as a nickname for Jessie or Jessica, though it works as a name in itself.  Notable Jesses include Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network and Wild West outlaw Jesse James.


A name of Scottish origin, the male version means “garden by the pool” while the female version means “garden of hollies”. While Leslie started off as a surname and unisex name, it has slowly dropped in the rankings for male names. Still, notable Leslies include actor Leslie Howard or actress Leslie Mann.


A perfect pick if the father’s name is Ken or something similar, as this name means “son of Kenneth”. While it says son, this Scottish name is for girls too, as it can be shortened to the cute Kenzie, while boys can go by Mac. Famous Mackenzies include Mackenzie Ziegler, reality TV star, dancer and little sister of Maddie Ziegler from the recent Sia music videos and actor Mackenzie Crook.


Meaning a “circle”, “sea” or “sea-circle”, this Welsh name is a popular male name in Wales and a popular female name in the U.S.

While females have dominated the name for quite some time now, notable male Morgans include actor Morgan Freeman and Morgan Rielly of the Toronto Maple Leafs.


A name that works both as a first name and a last name, Riley is of Irish origin and means “courageous”. This name also has been equally used for both boys and girls, but the female version has different spellings that are also popular. Famous Rileys include Riley Curry, daughter of NBA star Stephen Curry, and American football player Riley Cooper.  


Remember when Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were dating and everyone said if they got married then both of them would be Taylor Lautner? That’s what happens with unisex names. An English name that means “tailor”, Taylor has more popularity as a girl’s name, as male variations like Tyler are typically used for boys.