13 Genius Ways To Organize Kid’s Art Supplies

Are you looking for some inspiration to organize your kid’s art supplies?

Well, look no further. These 13 genius ideas will help you get started on a better path of organization in your home.

13 Genius Ways To Organize Kid's Art Supplies

Art has always been a great way to express oneself. Kids love creating their own masterpieces, whether they are painting, drawing or writing.

However, organizing their art supplies can sometimes be a challenge. Having an organizational system, it can make tidying up much easier after your child has finished their art project.

Plus, by having an organized system, it’s much easier for your children to learn how to tidy up, which is generally a great skill for children to learn.

If you want to encourage your children to create, then it’s worthwhile considering these 13 genius ways to organize kids’ art supplies.

Genius Ways To Organize Kid’s Art Supplies

Canvas Baskets

Canvas baskets are a great way to organize kids’ art supplies. Canvas is an easily cleaned material, although it’ll still be prone to stains.

That means canvas baskets are great for storing fabrics, cardboard, paper towels, and other non-stainable art supplies.

Most of these baskets also come with handles so that they’re easy to carry around.

Art Boxes

13 Genius Ways To Organize Kid's Art Supplies - Art Boxes

An art box is another great option when organizing kids’ art supplies. Art boxes can be bought in a variety of sizes, which means they are ideal for any space.

Art boxes are particularly great for art supplies such as paints and crayons because it ensures that they stay contained, away from the floors and any carpets.

Generally, art boxes are made from a plastic material, so they won’t stain, and they are very durable.

Plus, art boxes can be found in a variety of colors, so no need to panic about the color scheme!

Storage Cubbies

Storage cubbies are perfect for keeping all of your kid’s art materials together.

You don’t have to worry about them falling over, and they’re easy to clean.

When buying cubbies for kids’ art supplies, make sure you buy sturdy ones, as they may be used for heavy-duty items like clay, paintbrushes, etc.

Label Makers

Labels are a great way to organize kids’ art supplies.

You can use labels on different boxes, so the children know what art supplies should go in which box. It’s also a good idea to include a picture of the item itself for younger children.

There are many types of labels available for kids’ art supplies. Some are adhesive, while others are magnetic.

The best thing to do is find one that works well for you and your kids.

Woven Baskets

Genius Ways To Organize Kid's Art Supplies - Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are a very practical way to organize art supplies for kids. They are ideal for any easy access to art supplies, such as papers, cardboard, or other materials.

Woven baskets are very pretty, but unfortunately they can easily stain from art supplies such as paints, so they’re best suited to older kids, who aren’t as messy.

Kitchen Carts

Kitchen carts are a super fun way to organize a child’s art supplies. They are portable, which means they’re very easy to transport art supplies from one room to another.

It also means that all the arty things need to go back to one area, which is ideal for all parents who don’t want art supplies to take up too much space in a room.

Plastic Jars

While glass jars might be great in the kitchen, stick to plastic jars for organizing kid’s art supplies.

Plastic jars are much safer than glass jars because they won’t shatter and they are much more durable.

Plastic jars are great for organizing crayons and pencils, and can make an art station look very organized!

Rotating Desk Organizer

A rotating desk organizer is quite a sophisticated way to keep the chaos of art supplies at bay! These rotating desk organizers are not only fun, but they save so much space.

They’re ideal for craft tables, and will make the craft table much more organized because everything goes back to one place!

Rainbow Storage Cart

Genius Ways To Organize Kid's Art Supplies - Rainbow Storage Cart

Rainbow storage carts are a fun option for organizing art supplies in a child’s room. Kids love these carts because they’re colorful, and they help them keep track of their art supplies.

Rainbow storage carts are also ideal for artsy kids with tons of arty things because there’s lots of space for pencils, pens, paints, and even fabrics!

You can also use these storage carts for plenty of other things, such as toys and books.

Over The Door Organizers

Over-the-door organizers are another fantastic way to store your kids’ art supplies.

They help maximize space, which means that art supplies do not have to take up the whole room! This helps prevent clutter and keeps things looking neat and tidy.

Tabletop Paper Roller

This tabletop paper roller is one of the easiest ways to organize art supplies for children.

Using a tabletop paper roller means that your child knows that the drawing paper is in one place, which means they don’t have to go looking for the paper.

Cork Board

Cork boards are an ideal way to display artwork at home. They’re simple and inexpensive.

You can display almost any kind and size of artwork that your child has created. Just proudly pin your child’s masterpieces to the corkboard.

Rainbow Pen And Pencil Holder

A rainbow pen and pencil holder can make storing your child’s art accessories so much easier. A pen and pencil holder allows your child to access all colored pens and pencils in one place.

Plus, it’s very easy to put the pens and pencils back once they’ve finished their artwork. Everyone loves rainbows, so this pen and pencil holder is guaranteed to brighten up a creative space!


Kid’s art supplies should always be stored somewhere accessible, but at the same time, they shouldn’t take up too much space in a child’s bedroom.

Having an organized art supplies system means that the house will be a little less manic, and it’ll be easier to tidy up, as every art supply has its own space!