What Are The Worst Baby Names Out There?

What baby names are the worst according to the internet and why did parents choose them?

Strange babies’ names are not something you’ve never heard before. Thanks to celebrities like Alicia Silverstone and her son Bear Blu, Shannyn Sossamon’s little guy Audio Science and Jason Lee’s son Pilot Inspektor, strange baby names abound.

While lots of celebrities have explained why they choose such quirky baby names, have you ever met someone with an interesting name and wanted to know its origins?

Enter Reddit and the amazing question “What is the worst baby name you’ve seen given to a child? And do you know why?” If you got a couple of hours, we highly recommend scrolling through some of the best names. For your convenience, we picked out our fifteen favorite worst baby names, according to Reddit.

Depreshaun (deh-pruh-SHAHN)

Seems like this choice is just setting your child up to be at least a little down in the dumps:

“He said his drunk aunt was entrusted with naming him, but given his socioeconomic background he had a 98% chance of walking away with a unique name no matter who picked it,” wrote user Wheeler.


Taking a beautiful, old-fashioned name and putting a… modern… twist on it:

“According to her, her mother liked Hazel but her dad was a biker and loved hells angels, so they came up with this mess,” from user oh_sneeseus.

I’adorher (I-Adore-Her)

A name that will truly show your daughter just how much you care about her every time the teachers call the roll in class:

“I knew a girl named I’adorher. Pronounced “I adore her.” She was really nice,” wrote user JOHNOLIVER2016.

Ashole (ASH-a-LEE)

This one we’re just going to chalk up to some kind of post-delivery mistake:

“Back in the 90s a family in my town wanted to name their child Ashley but wanted a unique spelling. Without thinking, they spelled it Ashole, and of course, that is just one letter off…” from user playing_the_angel.

SSSST (Four-es-t)

These parents have been big on wordplay:

“My wife is a high-risk pregnancy nurse at a hospital and she could post these for hours. My favorite one so far: SSSST. First to guess its correct pronunciation wins,” wrote user cody4king.

Phelony (FELL-on-E)

Setting your child up for a life of crime? Or just seeing beauty in an unexpected place?

“A girl I knew had her third baby, a girl. She named her daughter Phelony. Yes… that is felony with a PH. Poor kid,” from user HellenaBucket.


Sometimes being too set on a name can cause some serious issues:

“Her parents thought she was going to be a boy and planned to name him after dear old Uncle Alfred. When she was a girl, they had to come up with something,” wrote user rainbowplethora.

Vejonica (Va-JOHN-ica)

Some names lend themselves well to being combined into one. But then again some do not:

“A friend of my sister-in-law worked in a maternity ward and she saw a kid named after her grandparent, named John and Veronica. Her name was Vejonica,” from user GreenValleyWideRiver.

I’munique (I’m-uniKEEK)

Because what is better than a unique name… a name that literally reinforces your child’s uniqueness:

“I work at a bank in North Florida and have been keeping a list of names I come across. My favorite so far is definitely ‘I’munique.’ It was on her ID and everything,” from user tootzWFB.

Kaizyle (Kays-lee)

A different approach to the whole associated naming trend:

“Mum liked the name Paisley, but it was too ‘normal’ I guess so she went with that disaster -__- The name rhymes with Paisley. So Kays-lee,” writes user WombatBeans.

Logan Wolverine

What better way to celebrate your love of comic books/television/movies/pop culture than by naming your child after it?

“I knew a guy in high school who lived down the street. He named his kid Logan Wolverine because the guy’s favorite comic book character was Wolverine. The dad was really into the character,” said user DeniseDeNephew.


It really is okay to turn to Google if need be:

“Kid’s parents thought this was the correct spelling of Jamie,” from user Viennese_Waltz.


These parents are doing EVERYTHING in their power to instill good morals in their daughter:

“I know a girl named Abstience. She won’t know her name has meaning until puberty, what an interesting conversation that will be,” from user BaileeXrawr.

Britney Shakira Beyonce

Because sometimes, one diva just isn’t enough:

“Britney Shakira Beyonce, and they would call her by the full name every time,” wrote user Ralome.


Talk about brand loyalty:

“Revlon. Yes, like the cosmetics company. It was a boy,” said user SarcasmAbounds.