Do You Need Bassinet Sheets? Here’s How Many You Need

Expecting a new child and wondering what kind of bedding you should get? Bassinet sheets are often overlooked but they are important for your newborn’s comfort.

In this article, we walk through everything you need to consider when buying bassinet sheets.

Do You Need Bassinet Sheets [How Many You Need]

What Is A Bassinet?

Bassinets are used to provide babies with comfort and security. They have been around for centuries, but they’re becoming more popular as the need for portability and convenience increases.

Bassinets are beds specifically for babies from birth until about six months old. They are usually made out of wood, plastic, or metal. Most bassinets have mesh sides and are designed to be easily mobile.

Some bassinets are also made with a raised base so that the baby doesn’t fall off when being laid down or picked up.

Bassinets are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Some even come with ruffles, hoods, and drawers underneath the bed.

How Many Bassinet Sheets Do You Really Need?

Bassinet sheets should be changed regularly because babies tend to make a mess frequently. You should always have, on hand, at a minimum, three fitted bassinet sheets. One in your bassinet and two spare sheets.

If you find that your baby is a little more messy, then you can always buy more sheets. 

How Often Do You Need To Change Bassinet Sheets?

Bassinet sheets should be changed at least once a week, including the mattress pads. Three to four crib sheets of good quality should be enough to last through the first year of your child’s life. 

Should You Use Different Sheets in Winter?

Cotton fitted sheets are great for keeping babies warm during the winter months. However you may also find flannel sheets which are better than cotton sheets because they are thicker and more durable.

It’s important to know that babies do tend to get sweaty when their bedding is too warm, so you can also stick to cotton sheets and ensure that the nursery is warm enough.

Are Waterproof Bassinet Mattress Protectors A Good Idea?

Having two to three waterproof crib mattress protectors will go a very long way in protecting your baby’s crib mattress from absorbing unwanted fluids.

Crib mattresses absorb a lot of liquids, but having waterproof protectors will help prevent stains, odors, and bad bacteria.

Spending a few extra dollars on two fitted waterproof crib mattress protectors can not only save you money but also help make cleaning up that easy!

Why Do You Need Bassinet Sheets?

Newborn babies need a firm mattress, a waterproof mattress pad, and fitted sheets. Other items are optional and may or may not be necessary.

Newborn babies should sleep without anything besides a fitted crib sheet. Soft bedding increases the risk of SIDS. You should wait until after your baby reaches their first birthday to add any bedding beyond the crib sheet.

Bassinet sheets should be used to make sure babies stay warm and dry while they sleep. They shouldn’t have any other materials such as pillowcases, blankets, or bumpers.

Mattress Protection

Crib and bassinet sheets are made to protect the mattress. They usually have some kind of waterproof lining sewn into them. 

Less Sweating

Crib sheets should be made out of breathable material. This prevents babies from getting too hot.

Safer Fit

When you buy a fitted bassinet sheet, you should be able to fit it tightly around the mattress without any loose edges. A fitted bassinet sheet will keep your baby safe by preventing them from becoming entangled in the sheet.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Bassinet Sheets

Bassinet sheets are very important to a baby’s safety. There are many things you need to consider before buying them.

The most important factor when buying bassinet sheets is the material. You should make sure that the sheets are made out of non-toxic material.

You also need to check if the sheets are flame retardant and machine washable for easier cleaning.


Newborn babies lie on their back for most of the day unless they’re being held. They sweat a lot because their body gets hot when lying down. That’s why, it is important to buy breathable mattress covers to help keep your newborn baby cool and comfortable.


Your baby’s bassinet sheets should fit tightly around the bedding, and the bedding should fit tightly inside the bed frame.

You shouldn’t place anything else in your baby’s bed except the mattress. Bumper pads, stuffed toys, or other items may cause your baby to become tangled in them or even suffocate.


Hypoallergenic means that a product does not cause any skin irritations because it uses hypoallergenic material that is gentle to sensitive skin. This ensures that baby’s soft skin isn’t irritated, and it gives them a much better good night sleep.

Hypoallergenic products also help to reduce allergic reactions. This means that you can use a bassinet made with hypoallergenic materials with full peace of mind knowing that your child is not exposed to any harsh chemicals from the fabrics.

How To Choose The Best Bassinet Sheets To Buy?

How To Choose The Best Bassinet Sheets To Buy?

Bassinet sheets should be comfortable and safe! You want them to be breathable and soft without being too thin or flimsy. Organic cotton is a great choice for both comfort and safety.

Crib sheets should be made of cotton or other breathable material. Cotton is a natural fiber that is easy to clean and comfortable for babies to sleep on.

Crib sheets should fit tightly around the mattress, and there shouldn’t be any loose fabric around the baby’s head.

Do You Need A Sheet Or Mattress Protector For Your Bassinet?

Both fitted sheets and mattress protectors are necessary for your baby’s comfort, as well as protecting the bassinet mattress from any liquid or stains.

A sheet provides a soft and slightly warmer bed for babies. It can be washed regularly which helps keep your baby safe and healthy.

Look out for waterproof mattress protectors as they help protect the mattress fully from any liquids.

How Do You Put On A Bassinet Sheet And Cover?

Fitted sheets can sometimes be difficult to put on mattresses and sleeping pads that come with bassinets. This is because fitted sheets may be too big for the bassinet.

Zip up, slide on and wrap-around are the three main types of bassinet sheets available today. Find out how they are fitted below. 

Zip up – This will give you an extra layer of protection that’s easy for you to put on and take off. It shouldn’t be too hard. Make sure that the zipper side of the sheet is facing down or otherwise covered so that the zipper won’t snag on your baby’s skin.

Slide on – Similar to a pillow sheet, this cover will simply slide onto a bed pad. Be careful to not let the edges of the sheet hang off the sides of the bassinet. Tuck the edges in under the mattress.

Wrap around – This style will have an elastic band around the edge that should help you to wrap the sheet tightly around the pad. This is probably the more popular style that you will see.

How Do You Make Your Baby More Comfortable In A Bassinet?

Bassinets are great if you want to help babies sleep better. Keeping your baby near you when he/she sleeps helps him/her feel safer.

Placing the bassinet right next to your bed allows you to hold your baby while he/she rests.

Babies are adjusting to life in the world after having spent most of their lives inside the womb and the shape of a bassinet often resemble the oval shape of the mother’s womb.

Babies need to learn how to deal with the cold and other things that come along with living outside the warm womb. To make sure babies are comfortable, parents should buy a safe, high-quality bassinet.

What Are Some General Bassinet Safety Rules?

Bassinet safety is pretty simple but it’s important. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is when a child passes without any obvious cause before 12 months of life.

Experts say that one thing that increases the risk of SIDS is unsafe sleeping practices. These three bassinet sleeping safety tips are essential to your baby’s health.

Look For A Safety-Certified Product

Bassinets and cribs should be checked for safety before being used by babies. The mattress should be firm enough to support a baby’s weight. Cribs should have side rails and other safety measures to prevent falls.

Bassinets are made to be safe for babies. They should always be bought from a trustworthy company.

You should also look out for any product recalls. Recalls are published online so you can see if there are any problems with your bassinet.

Consider Mesh Sides

Having mesh bassinet sides can save lives. Mesh-walled bassinet sides provide better air circulation than thick cloth, so your baby can breath if he/she rolls onto the side.

Mesh-walled sides make it also easier to see your baby because they allow light to pass through them. This way, your baby will also be able to see you and feel safer.

Lock The Wheels

Bassinets are great for moving babies around easily. However, you shouldn’t try to move a bassinet with a baby inside unless it’s designed to be moved.

Check your bassinet regularly to make sure it’s safe. Don’t leave it near stairs, pets, or other children unsupervised.


Your baby will be sleeping a lot during the first few months. It’s normal. However, all this crib and bassinet time means you need to have enough sheets to keep up with demand. 

Just, how many bassinet sheets do you need? Well, as we’ve discussed, three is the bare minimum but it really does depend on your circumstances.

Also, remember that more is always better when it comes to crib and bassinet sheets. Because you certainly don’t want to get caught out at night, with a stinky mess, and without a clean sheet to be found!