Is A Snuggle Nest Safe?

We all want what’s best for our newborn children, whether that means they get new equipment to use or whether we take that equipment away if it isn’t safe enough or we find it detrimental to their health.

However, there are lots of different things to consider before deciding whether to buy them new features for their upbringing.

Is A Snuggle Nest Safe?

It’s much easier to get rid of something, but you don’t want to be wasting money that can be used for different purposes.

Is a snuggle nest safe? What is a snuggle nest? What are the benefits of using one to help raise your child?

Nobody wants to have lots of questions without having the answers. Parenting is hard enough already!

Follow our guide to find out all you need to know so that you’re prepared.

What Is A Snuggle Nest?

The idea behind this product is that it will keep babies warm and comfortable when sleeping, whilst they’re also staying safe.

They’ll also feel more secure in their sleep, which helps with their development.

If you’re worried about how safe these products are, then you should read on – we’ve got everything you need to know below.

Many babies will try to roll onto their backs or into uncomfortable positions in their sleep, which can pose a risk to their health.

Luckily, snuggle nests are designed to make sure that your baby remains safe when they are sleeping.

These are designed so that you don’t have to spend every waking moment keeping a close watch on your baby.

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Are Snuggle Nests Safe?

These products aren’t going to harm your child in any way, however, there are some safety considerations to think about.

You’ll notice that many snuggle nest products are made from soft fabrics like cotton or fleece.

This makes them extremely gentle and light, which is perfect for small infants. You’ll also want to make sure that the product is suitable for baby’s sensitive skin.

It’s important that there is no loose material around the snuggle nest as your baby may ge entangled in it and struggle to breathe.

Snuggle nests can be very bulky as not all models can be folded for easy transport. This could cause issues if you’re carrying them around or trying to store them within a small space.

There’s no doubt that these are useful items, but if you’re looking for something a little easier to move around, then a blanket may be a better option.

Benefits Of Using A Snuggle Nest

Just like all other baby equipment, it is important that you use the snuggle nest correctly to ensure the safety of your baby.

Snuggle nests aren’t generally recommended for longer sleeps. Cribs and bassinets are much better for this task.

However, snuggle nests do have their uses. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of these products.

Preventing Choking

When you’re looking after an infant, you’re always thinking about choking hazards.

Whilst a lot of parents tend to focus on toys, rattles, and teething rings, it’s important to remember that being in a baby bed can become a hazard too.

Many parents will aim to prop their child on their side to avoid potential vomit getting stuck in their throat.

Snuggle nests can help with this as they have raised sides which can provide additional support for your infant.



Babies will often wake up during colder nights. This can happen even when they’re snugly tucked up inside a cot.

When they do, they may start crying due to discomfort, which doesn’t only take away from your rest but can also lead to your baby being anxious.

Using a snuggle nest can help keep your baby warm when they are just relaxing with a little nap.

Soft Surface To Sleep On

As mentioned above, babies love to be held against soft surfaces.

This isn’t just because it makes them feel good, but also because it resembles the soft skin of their mother.

Being able to snuggle up against your chest, or even your shoulder can mean that your child feels less anxious.

A snuggle nest typically resembles the shape of a mother’s womb which makes baby feel safe and warm.

The Snug Fit System

Another benefit of using a snuggle nest is that some of them come with a fitted sheet system.

This means that you can leave the product out where it belongs, and then tuck your child into bed without having to worry about anything else.

However, these tend to need washing more often because babies spend more time in them, so there is a greater risk of spills and stains.

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What Are The Downsides Of Using A Snuggle Nest?

There are plenty of downsides to using a snuggle nest, though, so you should consider whether or not they outweigh the benefits before you purchase one and have your baby nestling away to sleep.

However, you need to decide for yourself!

Potential Suffocating Risk

Although most of these products are designed for children under six months old, some of them are larger than this age group.

If you buy one of these products for your child and he/she gets bigger, they could potentially suffocate if they roll out of the snuggle nest and get wedged between the nest and the bars of a crib.

Although it’s unlikely for this to occur, you shouldn’t assume that it won’t happen either.

With babies tossing and turning throughout the night, it’s possible they could turn over and struggle to breathe.

Babies Outgrowing The Nest

It’s possible that once your child has grown out of the nest, it might be difficult to use it again unless you plan on having another child.

As we’ve already mentioned, many of them come with a fitted sheet included, so you’ll have to wash it regularly and make sure it’s in top condition before you hand it down to someone else.

Ultimately, once the child has outgrown the nest, you cannot use it for your toddler anymore.

Overheating And Becoming Too Warm

If you live somewhere hot, you may want to think about purchasing a different product instead.

Most snuggle nests have materials and insulation that are designed to keep your child warm at night so they don’t become too restless.

However, because these materials are very efficient, children can become too warm and they don’t have any way to cool themselves down.

Many young children will become seriously ill or die due to high body temperatures and these snuggle nests can get very hot.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve found our guide to snuggle nests useful!

We know how important a good night’s sleep is for everyone involved, especially kids.

They can end up sleeping through the night, avoiding all kinds of other problems like waking up in the middle of the night and having nightmares.

Having a snuggle nest can help solve these issues, by keeping your child comfortable and happy while they drift off to dreamland.

However, we can’t lie and say that these products are without their risks!

Babies have a very fine line between being healthy and unhealthy, with lots of different things threatening them every day.

Ultimately, the older your child gets, the stronger they’re going to become.

Have a browse at some products and see what you think.

Just remember to keep these different things in mind and refer to our guide, if you need it!

Snuggle Nest - Baby Delight Portable Lounger
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.