Kendamil vs Kendamil Organic

Kendamil vs Kendamil Organic 1

Quick Comparison

Based on the information you will read in this article, here’s a comparison table between Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic:

Feature/AspectKendamil ClassicKendamil Organic
Dairy SourceSourced from local British farmsSourced from organic-certified and pesticide-free farms
Price for Tin$33.99 for 900g (32oz)$39.99 for 800g (28oz)
Omega Fatty AcidsContains essential Omega-3 and Omega-6Contains essential Omega-3 and Omega-6
Production ProcessUses milk from grass-fed cowsVegetarian-certified, no palm oil, lactose, soy, uses European whole milk fats
CertificationsDoes not hold an organic certificationCertified by the European Union (EU) and meets the British Soil Association standards
Consumer FeedbackPositive feedback, more affordablePositive feedback, valued for its organic ingredients and adherence to EU organic standards
ConclusionAffordable, high-quality formulaHigher standard of ingredient sourcing, slightly more expensive but offers organic ingredients

Choosing the right baby formula for your little one can be challenging with so many options available.

One popular brand is Kendamil, a UK-based company that offers both Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic formulas. Each formula has its unique qualities, yet both are made with high-quality ingredients and a commitment to providing excellent nutrition for your baby.

The Kendamil Classic formula is designed to accommodate the varying needs of babies worldwide. On the other hand, Kendamil Organic is tailored to those who prefer a product made with certified organic ingredients.

Both options contain essential nutrients, but they differ in their production processes, certifications, and price points.

Key Takeaways

  • Kendamil offers two main formula options: Classic and Organic, catering to different preferences and priorities.
  • The main differences between the two formulas are found in their ingredients, production processes, and certifications.
  • Price difference and consumer reviews are other factors to consider when choosing between Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic.

Kendamil Overview

Kendamil is a British baby formula brand with over 60 years of scientific research backing its products. Known for producing high-quality baby formulas, they offer two popular lines, Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic.

The Kendamil Classic line provides a more financially accessible option for parents, while the Kendamil Organic line is certified organic by the EU and the British Soil Association. Both lines offer a balance of nutrition and taste, with carefully selected ingredients to meet the needs of your baby.

When it comes to the carbohydrate content, Kendamil Classic has a slight edge, containing 56g of carbohydrates, while Kendamil Organic contains 54g. These carbohydrates provide an essential energy source for your baby. Additionally, both formulas contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain development and immune function.

Price-wise, Kendamil Classic 900g (32oz) is priced at $33.99, while Kendamil Organic 800g (28oz) is priced at $39.99. The prices per ounce of formula are competitive with leading brands in the US and are more affordable than most new startup brands.

In summary, Kendamil offers parents two great options to provide their little ones with essential nutrients – the Classic line for a more budget-friendly approach and the Organic line for parents seeking certified organic ingredients.

Both lines have been crafted with care and are backed by extensive research, lending confidence and peace of mind to parents when selecting the right baby formula for their needs.

Other Comparisons

Kendamil Organic Overview

Kendamil Organic is a premium baby formula made from high-quality ingredients that meet strict European organic standards. Manufactured by a long-running European baby formula company established in 1962, Kendamil sources fresh dairy from family farms in the famous Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and other formula ingredients from local suppliers in Somerset, Kent, and Yorkshire.

The formula is EU Certified Organic and adheres to the British Soil Association’s strict regulations, which permit only 5% non-organic vitamins and minerals in the soil. This guarantees that the cows producing the milk for Kendamil Organic are grass-fed, resulting in a formula that is rich in essential nutrients for your baby’s growth and development.

When comparing Kendamil Organic to its non-organic counterpart, Kendamil Classic, you’ll find that the primary difference lies in the adherence to organic standards and the use of organic ingredients.

While both formulas are designed to meet the nutritional needs of babies, Kendamil Organic provides an option for parents seeking a product that meets higher standards for environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

The price difference between the two formulas is relatively small, with Kendamil Organic 800g (28oz) priced at $39.99 and Kendamil Classic 900g (32oz) priced at $33.99.

In summary, Kendamil Organic is an excellent option if you are looking for a high-quality, organic baby formula to support your child’s growth and development.

Its adherence to strict organic standards, commitment to environmental sustainability, and use of locally sourced ingredients make it a reliable choice for your baby’s nutritional needs.

Nutritional Comparison

Vitamins and Minerals

Both Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic provide essential vitamins and minerals to support your baby’s growth and development.

However, Kendamil Organic formula might have a slight edge over Kendamil Classic in terms of the quality and source of some ingredients. The organic formula ensures that the ingredients are sourced from organic and pesticide-free farms, which can contribute to better health.

Vitamins and MineralsKendamil ClassicKendamil Organic
Vitamin AYesYes
Vitamin D3YesYes
Vitamin EYesYes
Vitamin K1YesYes
Vitamin CYesYes
Vitamin B1YesYes
Vitamin B2YesYes
Vitamin B6YesYes
Vitamin B12YesYes
Folic AcidYesYes

Protein Content

Both Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic formulas contain essential proteins required for your baby’s growth and development. However, there may be slight variations in the protein content, as shown below.

  • Kendamil Classic: Contains 10g of protein per 100g of formula powder
  • Kendamil Organic: Contains 9.2g of protein per 100g of formula powder

Despite the minor difference in protein content, both formulas meet the nutritional needs of your baby.

Dairy Quality

The quality of dairy used in both Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic is at the core of these formulas. Kendamil takes pride in only sourcing their dairy from local British farms, ensuring that the milk used in both Classic and Organic is of high quality and free from artificial growth hormones.

Moreover, Kendamil Organic formula takes an additional step to ensure that the dairy is sourced from organic-certified and pesticide-free farms, which further enhances the quality and safety of the formula for your baby.

Price Difference

When choosing between Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic, you might be wondering about the price difference between the two options. Let’s explore their pricing to help you make a decision that fits your budget.

Kendamil Classic is available in a 900g (32oz) tin and is priced at $33.99. On the other hand, Kendamil Organic comes in a slightly smaller 800g (28oz) tin with a price tag of $39.99.

It’s important to note that while Kendamil Organic is a bit more expensive than the Classic version, the price per ounce of formula is still comparable to other market-leading brands in the US. Additionally, it is more competitive than the majority of new startup brands.

Here’s a comparison of their pricing for easy reference:

  • Kendamil Classic (900g): $33.99
  • Kendamil Organic (800g): $39.99

When making your choice between Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic, remember to consider the nutritional differences alongside the price. Kendamil Classic contains slightly more carbohydrates (56g) compared to the Organic version (54g), while both versions offer essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for brain development and immune function.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and budget. Weigh the benefits of organic ingredients against the price difference to determine which option is the best fit for you and your little one.

Production Process

Kendamil Standard Production

Kendamil’s standard formula is made using milk from grass-fed cows, which are known to produce milk with higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a immune-boosting fatty acid1. This British baby formula brand has over 60 years of experience in researching babies’ nutritional needs for optimal quality.

Kendamil Organic Production

Kendamil Organic is a vegetarian-certified infant milk, suitable from birth. It boasts an impressive list of features including no palm oil, lactose, soy, and is made using European whole milk fats. It maintains the same dedication to quality and nutrition that Kendamil is known for, and promises a wholesome and natural option for your baby’s nourishment.

In both Kendamil Standard and Organic productions, the brand strives to use high-quality ingredients to ensure the best nutrition for your little one. By using milk from grass-fed cows and focusing on wholesome ingredients, you can trust that Kendamil is providing a reliable and nourishing option for your baby’s growth and development.


  1. Grass-fed cows produce milk with five times more immune-boosting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This is a type of fatty acid, typically found in grass-fed dairy milk, that has a wealth of health benefits – from boosting immunity, to preventing obesity later in life, to keeping disease at bay (1).


When comparing Kendamil and Kendamil Organic, one significant difference between the two is the certifications they hold. Kendamil Organic is certified by the European Union (EU), which means it adheres to higher standards than those set by the US. Furthermore, Kendamil Organic meets the more stringent requirements of the British Soil Association, which allows only 5% non-organic vitamins and minerals in the soil.

On the other hand, Kendamil Classic, the non-organic version, does not hold an organic certification like its counterpart. This means that while it still maintains the quality and nutritional value expected of a baby formula, it may not contain the same organic ingredients found in Kendamil Organic.

As a parent looking for the best formula for your little one, understanding these certifications might be important to you. Keep in mind that both versions of Kendamil are highly regarded formulas backed by over 60 years of scientific research on the nutritional needs of babies.

In summary, Kendamil Organic holds a European Union organic certification and meets the British Soil Association standards. Conversely, Kendamil Classic does not have organic certification, although it still maintains high quality. As a consumer, you can use this information to make an informed decision based on your preferences and values when selecting the best formula for your baby.

Consumer Reviews

Many parents have shared their experiences with Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic baby formulas. By examining these reviews, you can better understand the differences between the two products and make an informed decision for your little one.

In terms of overall satisfaction, both Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic have received positive feedback from parents. They appreciate the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious, and safe baby formula options.

When it comes to the main differences between the two products, some parents did notice a difference in price. Kendamil Organic is slightly more expensive compared to the Classic variant – with a price difference of around £3 and a smaller tin size (800g vs. 900g).

However, many parents who opted for Kendamil Organic felt that the extra cost was justified by the added benefits. Kendamil Organic is made from 100% organic lactose as the carbohydrate source and uses liquid organic whole milk from grass-fed cows. This is in contrast to Kendamil Classic, which is not entirely organic.

Parents who have chosen Kendamil Organic also appreciate its adherence to EU organic standards. They found that the organic version of the formula provided added peace of mind, knowing that their child was consuming a product made with high-quality ingredients.

On the other hand, some parents noted that the Kendamil Classic offered slightly more carbohydrates at 56g compared to Kendamil Organic’s 54g. Furthermore, both options contain essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are crucial for brain development and immune function.

In summary, when choosing between Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic, the main considerations are likely to be the price difference and the importance of organic ingredients for your baby’s diet. Both options have received positive feedback from consumers and provide essential nutrients for your child’s growth and development.


In summary, both Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic baby formulas have their own set of advantages. Kendamil Classic is a more affordable option, priced at $33.99 for 900g (32oz), while Kendamil Organic is priced slightly higher at $39.99 for 800g (28oz). Nonetheless, both options provide a price per ounce comparable to market-leading brands in the US.

When it comes to quality and nutritional benefits, Kendamil Organic stands out due to its strictly organic ingredients. This formula adheres to a higher standard of ingredient sourcing and production processes, ensuring your baby receives the best possible nutrients. On the other hand, Kendamil Classic still offers a high-quality formula backed by over 60 years of scientific research on babies’ nutritional needs.

Ultimately, the choice between Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic depends on your preferences and priorities. If you value organic ingredients and strive to provide your baby with the most natural options available, Kendamil Organic could be the ideal choice for you. However, if affordability is a significant factor, Kendamil Classic remains a great option that still delivers excellent nutritional value.

To purchase Kendamil Organic or Classic baby formulas, it is best to buy them online as Kendamil Organic can be challenging to find in US stores. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that you are providing your baby with high-quality nutrition to support their growth and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Kendamil Classic and Organic?

Kendamil Classic and Organic both offer high-quality infant formulas for your baby. The main difference between the two lies in their ingredients. Kendamil Organic is made with organic whole milk from British grass-fed cows and follows the strict standards of the British Soil Association. On the other hand, Kendamil Classic uses whole milk but may not necessarily adhere to the same organic standards.

Why did Kendamil change their formula?

There isn’t any information about Kendamil changing their formula in the provided search results. However, companies often update their formulas to improve the nutritional content or comply with the latest industry standards and research.

Is Kendamil similar to Enfamil or Bobbie?

Kendamil, Enfamil, and Bobbie are all infant formulas that cater to the nutritional needs of babies. While all three label themselves as high-quality products, they differ in their ingredients and sources. Kendamil uses whole milk from British grass-fed cows, while Enfamil and Bobbie have their unique formulations. It’s essential to review the specific ingredients and formulations of each brand to determine which best suits your baby’s needs.

Which stage of Kendamil Organic is suitable for my baby?

Kendamil Organic offers different stages for various age groups. Each stage is designed to meet your baby’s specific nutritional needs at that particular age. To find the suitable stage for your baby, check the recommended age range on the product packaging and consult your pediatrician for personalized advice.

Do the royal family use Kendamil?

There is no definitive information about the royal family’s choice of infant formula as their preferences remain private, so we cannot confirm if they use Kendamil. However, many parents around the world trust Kendamil for its high-quality ingredients and formulations.

Kendamil vs Hipp: Which one is better?

Both Kendamil and Hipp are reputable brands that offer organic infant formulas made with the European Union’s strict organic guidelines. The choice between Kendamil and Hipp ultimately depends on your baby’s specific nutritional needs and personal preferences. You may need to consider factors like ingredients, taste, and availability when making a decision. It’s always a good idea to consult your pediatrician for guidance on choosing the most suitable infant formula for your baby.