Baby Girls Names: A To Z

Are you struggling to find a direction when it comes to baby names? We run down our favorite girl names, A to Z

baby girl

If you don’t already have a baby name in mind for your baby girl, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many names, so many lists and if you haven’t picked some kind of a direction—whether that be a sound, a letter, or a theme—naming can cause a lot of stress.

We’ve gathered together our favorite names for girls from A to Z to help you narrow down your search.

A is for Astrid

A Scandinavian royal name that has never really made it into mainstream naming in North America, Astrid means “divinely beautiful”—a perfect description of the name itself.

B is for Bridget

Bridget is the Celtic goddess of wisdom as well as a famous Irish saint. The name means “strength or exalted one” and is a modern name that still feels original.

C is for Claire

Meaning “bright, clear”, Claire is a strong, yet simple name. It can also be spelled Clare and Clair but we love the classic spelling.

D is for Diane

While the a-ending version of the name seems to be more popular, Diane means “divine” and we think it’s just that!

E is for Eloise

A real throwback, Eloise is making a bit of a comeback with the nickname Ellie.

F is for Farah

A gorgeous Arabic name that means “happiness”, Farah has experienced some popularity when spelled Farrah (a la Farrah Fawcett).

G is for Grace

A top 20 name, Grace is a simple, pure and completely classic name. I mean come on, Grace Kelly, need we say anything more?

H is for Hailey

There are over ten different variations of Hailey and they are all currently sitting in the Most Popular list, but Hailey (meaning “Hay’s meadow”) is the most popular spelling in the group.

I is for Isla

Rising in popularity, Isla is a beautiful name of Scottish origin. Sitting at #167 on the most popular list in 2013, Isla is part of the trend of old-fashioned names making a comeback.

J is for Jillian

We really love this spelling of the original “Gillian”—it is actually three times as popular as the original!  

K is for Kinsley

Meaning “king’s meadow” Kinsley is a great name that will grow with your daughter. From cute to classy, Kinsley is a perfect choice.

L is for Leonie

A beautiful French-inspired name, Leonie is the perfect name to instill your daughter with courage and strength as it means “lion”.

M is for Marisol

A Spanish name meaning “sun”, Marisol is a romantic combination of sea and sun.

N is for Nola

Nola is a hauntingly beautiful name of Gaelic origin. It is actually the short form of Fionnuala.

O is for Olivia

We love Olivia—an insanely popular name that is currently sitting at #3—but we love the adorable nickname Olive even more!

P is for Poppy

A flower name with a lot of sass, Poppy still keeps the sweet and feminine tone associated with most floral names.

Q is for Quinn

An Irish unisex name that started off as a surname, we love Quinn for a girl, probably thanks to Quinn from Glee.

R is for Ryan

Another unisex name that we love for a girl, Ryan is also of Irish origins and it means “little king”.

S is for Sage

Meaning “wise”, sage brings to mind the fragrant herb it is named for. It has been increasing in popularity, especially for girls.

T is for Tallulah

Tallulah has recently started to gain popularity again and has become a bit of a favorite for celebrities.

U is for Uma

The name of a Hindu goddess, the name was made popular by the one and only Uma Thurman. The name means “nation” which gives it a worldly feel.

V is for Violet

Another beautiful floral name, Violet actually means purple. It is a beautiful name that has been gaining popularity since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their daughter Violet.

W is for Willow

The ancient tree is said to possess magical powers. Willow is a graceful name rooted in nature.

X is for Xaviera

The female version of Xavier, Xaviera means bright and is of Basque origin.

Y is for Yasmine

Meaning “jasmine flower” Yasmine is the Arabic version of Jasmine.

Z is for Zara

A name fit for a princess, Zara actually means “princess; to blossom”. Although you may associate the name with the clothing store, Zara is an exotic name that brings a bit of flare.