Baby Shower Etiquette

Hosting or attending a baby shower is a very exciting moment, and hopefully, it should be an event filled with joy and celebration!

However, as with any social gathering, there is an expected standard of etiquette to keep everyone happy and make sure that the event runs smoothly.

Baby Shower Etiquette

Learning everything you need to know about baby shower etiquette before the big day will make life easier for everyone involved.

This article is your complete guide to baby shower etiquette, covering all the most frequently asked questions about baby showers.

Read until the end to ensure that you know all the baby shower etiquette rules before the big day!

Top Baby Shower Etiquette Questions

What Is A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is an event where friends and family get together to celebrate the arrival of a new baby by showering them with gifts and presents.

That’s where the name ‘baby shower’ comes from.

Baby showers aren’t just about gifts, though – what’s more important is the sentiment of coming together to support expectant parents at the start of this very exciting journey!

At a baby shower, there will usually be food and drink, as well as music and socializing.

Depending on what the parents want for their shower, there may also be baby-themed games and other forms of entertainment.

Who Should Plan The Baby Shower?

There is no strict rule about who should plan the baby shower.

Ultimately, it is up to the expectant parents to decide who they trust enough to organize this important event for them.

Usually, though, it is customary for a family member to plan the baby shower.

Historically, this would be a female family member, but again, there is no hard and fast rule about this.

It’s also not uncommon for the baby shower to be planned by a close friend of the parents.

Recently, it has become more common for parents to plan their own baby shower without outside help.

There are many benefits to this approach, not least the fact that it means the parents can have full control over how their special day unfolds.

Plus, if the entire event is planned by the parents, it cuts down on liaising and communication between multiple people.

In Which Month Of Pregnancy Is The Baby Shower Held?

Typically, baby showers are held in the last few months of the pregnancy.

You definitely don’t want to hold the shower too early, but it’s also important not to leave it too close to the due date in case the baby comes early.

Most parents prefer to host their baby shower 6 weeks before the due date at the earliest and 4 weeks before at the latest.

With that being said, it’s up to the parents to decide what feels most comfortable for them and what fits best with any pre-existing scheduled plans.

Where Are Baby Showers Hosted?

The traditional place to host a baby shower is at home, but this isn’t always possible.

While holding your baby shower in your own home is certainly convenient (at least it means you don’t have to find a way to transport all your gifts back home!), you might not have enough space to accommodate all of your guests.

Other popular venue types of baby showers include hotels or outdoor venues that you can reserve and decorate to your preference.

If you’re having trouble finding somewhere suitable, then consider holding the party at a local restaurant or pub instead.

This way, guests can mingle while enjoying good food and drink, and it means that you don’t have to put together your own menu.

What Food And Drink Are Served At A Baby Shower?

When hosting a baby shower, you will need to think about what your guests will eat and drink.

Unless you’re going to be hosting your baby shower at a venue that has its own catering, you or whoever plans the shower will need to bring food and drink and set it up before the shower begins.

Buffet-style food is common at baby showers because it’s easy to eat throughout the event, and it means that everyone can help themselves to what they like.

The ideal menu for a baby shower also depends on the time of day at which the shower is held.

Most baby showers take place around brunch or lunchtime, or during the afternoon, in which case, a light menu is appropriate.

However, if a shower is later in the day, a larger meal might be better.

How Long Is The Average Baby Shower?

A baby shower may only last an hour or two.

However, it’s not uncommon for baby showers to last for several hours, especially if it is a larger shower with many guests because you want to allow enough time for all the guests to mingle and for the parents to speak to everyone.

On average, the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of baby shower length tends to be around 2 or 3 hours.

This allows for socialization and fun without dragging the event out for too long.

How Much Should A Baby Shower Cost?

How Much Should A Baby Shower Cost?

The cost of a baby shower definitely depends on factors such as the venue, the food situation, and how many guests are invited.

Baby showers can cost as little as $100, or they can cost over $1000. On average, you can expect to spend about $500 on hosting a baby shower.

You can save money on a baby shower by hosting the event at your home instead of paying for a venue, or if you do host at a venue, try to find one with catering included for the best deal.

In light of recent events, virtual baby showers are also becoming more commonplace, and these are much less costly than traditional baby showers.

When Should Baby Shower Planning Begin?

Although the baby shower won’t take place until the last couple of months of the pregnancy, planning should start much earlier than this if you want the event to go off without a hitch.

We recommend starting to plan the baby shower several weeks in advance of the date of the shower itself.

A window of between 5 and 7 weeks is usually enough time to organize the baby shower and make sure that everything is ready for the event with time to spare.

Remember, the last thing you want is to be rushing to get things ready the day before, or the day of, such an important occasion.

What Happens During A Baby Shower?

Every baby shower will look different because the day is ultimately about the new parents and how they envision celebrating the arrival of their baby.

However, there are a few staple activities that usually take place during baby showers.

Usually, there will be time for guests to give their gifts to the parents and maybe for the parents to open the gifts.

Then, there should be time for mingling and eating, and there may also be some baby shower games to enjoy.

Who Is Invited To A Baby Shower?

You can invite anyone you like to your baby shower!

Ultimately, the size of your invitation list will depend on your budget, the size of your venue, and how many people you feel comfortable celebrating with, but there is no minimum or maximum number to adhere to, in theory.

Most people will want to invite their family and close friends to their baby shower.

If you want to have a larger baby shower, you may also want to invite people that you aren’t as close to but whom you’d still like to share this special moment with, such as old friends from school or work colleagues.

What Should You Put On The Baby Registry?

A baby registry is essentially a wish list that is sent out to the guests who are invited to a baby shower.

It allows people to register in advance for the gift that they would like to buy for the new parents.

This avoids the awkwardness of two guests getting the same gift and means that guests won’t get overwhelmed and settle for buying the parents gift cards.

Examples of baby shower gifts to put on the baby registry include a crib, toys for the baby, a nursing pillow, and baby clothes.

Basically, anything and everything you could need for your new parenting journey, you can put on the baby registry, from big-ticket items to smaller tokens.

Make sure to include some less expensive items so that nobody feels pressured to spend more than they can afford.

Can You Have A Baby Shower For A Second Pregnancy?

Don’t be afraid to hold a baby shower for each of your pregnancies!

Many parents feel that they are being extravagant by celebrating subsequent pregnancies in the same way as the first, but every baby deserves to be celebrated and welcomed into the world with love and anticipation!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our guide to baby shower etiquette!

Hopefully, you now feel fully prepared to celebrate in style and comfort. Good luck, and enjoy your shower!